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Should the color of the kick line follow the door cover or the floor?


Should the color of the kick line follow the door cover or the floor?

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2018/10/29 18:12
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The baseboard is really a grinning goblin. Many people think about whether or not to install it. In fact, most people in China are equipped with decoration, but many foreign cases are rarely good to s
The baseboard is really a grinning goblin. Many people think about whether or not to install it. In fact, most people in China are equipped with decoration, but many foreign cases are rarely good to see the skirting. Do you want to install it? Does the color of the skirting line follow the door or follow the floor?
Don't look at the small and inconspicuous skirting line, but it has a big effect. According to Duan Niang's explanation, there are three kinds of skirting functions:
1. Decorate the wall to maintain visual balance; sometimes the color of the wall and the ground appear mixed, the color is relatively close, separated by a skirting line of other colors;
2. Protect the gap between the wall and the ground, and press the edge of the floor and floor tiles to make it stronger;
3, mopping the wet, dirty, easy to clean; especially in the case of wallpaper, the baseboard is more useful.
So you see, the little baseboard can't be ignored in the decoration process. How to choose the color of the skirting line<p>This is a problem for the benevolent seeing the wise and seeing the wisdom. The skirting line is a safe choice whether it is with the door cover or the floor. The overall visual effect is not bad. There is also the time to buy a door or the floor, the baseboard "snap" to buy, convenient. The baseboard was observed with the door cover. Most of the netizens now choose to base the skirt with the door. This choice makes the color of the whole space have a sense of unity, not clutter, and the lateral extension is stronger.
The baseboard is the same as the floor, which makes it more obvious to distinguish between the wall and the ground. It is also a common match. When the skirting line goes with the floor, the general skirting line is bought together when buying the floor. This ensures that the material of the skirting line and the floor are exactly the same, which integrates the space on the ground and is suitable for a small space. The occasion.
PS: In addition to the above two conventional collocation methods, there is also a way that the baseboard selection is the same as the color of the wall, which will make the room look taller.
If the whole house is tiled, can the solid wood baseboard be used? It is definitely usable; like the white floor tiles below, with wooden baseboards, it is simple and fresh; and the wooden baseboard can be used with the door cover. More suitable.
On the other hand, in the case of the whole house floor, it is not appropriate to use the tile type skirting.
Is the baseboard related to style?
There are a lot of people who ask the American style to use what color of the baseboard. In fact, the color and style of the baseboard do not have much relationship. Its role is more to protect the wall and the ground; the decorative effect is additional. The reason why so many people ask the American style of the baseboard is because no matter what picture you see, or the American drama, there is a baseboard in the house, which has become an element of American style.
If you want to say that the baseboard is related to style, it is industrial wind. It uses more metal baseboards such as stainless steel. What kind of material is the baseboard? The skirting line on the market is like a cow's hair. There are several kinds of wood, stone and metal, PVC.
(1) The wooden baseboard has two materials, one is the baseboard of solid wood, the other is the MDF baseboard, the solid wood is relatively expensive; the nail will be nailed when installed, and the nail will slightly damage the baseboard. The surface can be filled with paint. If the baseboard has a gap with the wall, it can be filled with glass glue (only for white baseboard).
Reminder: If the outer wall is an inner thermal insulation wall, the wall cannot be drilled. The baseboard can only be fixed directly by nails/glass glue. Even then, the baseboard will not be firmly fixed to the wall. Special attention is required during use. Stone type: As a baseboard, the floor tile is directly attached to the wall, which is very economical and very affordable. However, if the edge of the cut is not uniform, it is easy to have excess glue or adhesive overflow, which is ugly. Artificial marble, more color, more shape, is also more wear-resistant, more suitable as a baseboard, but the price is more expensive, 50 yuan / block (size: 800mm * 100mm) is relatively low-end, and some are at 100 yuan / block.
PVC baseboard is the cheapest, the color is also the most varied, there are imitation wood grain, imitation marble, imitation metal wire drawing, in theory, you can also get the photo.
The disadvantage is that it is easy to deform or even crack. After a long time, the skin will fall off and the visual effect is not good.
In general, wood and stone are still commonly chosen, and metal materials can be considered.
PS: The height of the baseboard is also different. The height is generally 6-25cm. The choice of height can be determined according to personal preference. I don't know how to choose the height of the baseboard. It can also be set according to the height of the house: the height of the floor is 2.8 meters, the height of the baseboard can be 150mm, the height of the floor is less than 2.5 meters, and the base line can be 100mm high. The most commonly used baseboards in the home are 7.5cm and 8cm in height.
1. When is the baseboard installed?
Under normal circumstances, the hard installation is basically completed, the furniture is installed before entering the venue, basically in the latter part of the entire renovation cycle.
According to the construction sequence of the wall and the ground, the floor--the door cover--the door--the baseboard. There are also several special situations to note:
(1) If some of the lines are buried in the baseboard, then the line needs to be laid;
(2) If you use wallpaper, you need to install the baseboard after the wallpaper is attached, and the overall feeling is better;
(3) If you want to customize the wardrobe, you need to install the baseboard after the wardrobe is installed, so that the side of the wardrobe can be close to the skirting line, and it will not be too wide or too narrow; if you are sure that you can grasp the precision Of course, you can also install the baseboard first.
What is the gap between the door sleeve and the skirting line and the floor? The door slit is 1-1.5 cm from the ground. It is a normal range. If it is exceeded, if it is exceeded, the door can be called a person who installs the wooden door. Under adjustment, if the gap between the baseboard and the floor is too large, it should be a problem of leveling on the ground. It can be called the person installing the floor to adjust it.
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