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Chuangyi has more than 1,000 sales outlets all over the country, no matter where you are, you can enjoy the professional pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.

Logistics advantage

The company has a professional logistics distribution system that can meet customer needs in the first time.

Staff advantage

Network advantage

The company has a first-class sales team to provide consumers with professional and sustainable services.



Chuangxin Group promotes the service brand “Chuangxin” in the building materials industry, and promises to provide consumers with high-quality and worry-free professional services, fast-on-time service, meticulous service and worry-free one-stop service. In order to facilitate customers, Chuangyi Group specializes in the integration of pre- and post-sales services, regularly follow-up customer needs, and truly provide consumers with value-for-money consumer benefits.

01、Creative expert

After years of continuous research and development, the company has created a brand-name intelligent integrated wall decoration, technology marble lines, super solid wood luxury waterproof nail studs, Xinmei Diya plastic steel wear-resistant closing strips, multi-functional anti-skid mute closing strip, Rose gold luxury closing strip, aluminum alloy coated wear-resistant PVC wood grain and wood grain spray closing strip, new concept aluminum surface plastic bottom closing strip and other well-known series of products.

02、Health expert

The "Green Environmental Label" is an affirmation of the superior product quality and environmental behavior of the company. Products that receive environmental protection marks must undergo rigorous testing and are fully compliant with the technical requirements of China's environmental labeling products. The most important raw material for Chuangxin is the new environmentally friendly resin powder, which does not add any recycled materials and eliminates all waste materials.

03、Technical experts

The company has a first-class management team and high-quality staff, more than 30 undergraduate education and high-tech personnel. The company will also invest a large amount of manpower and material resources in product market research and new product development every year. More than 10 products have applied for national patents and all of them have been put on the market.